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Hi-FEM Emsculpt

EMSCULPT is the first and only body shaping procedure that simultaneously addresses both muscle and fat. Using High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic energy (HIFEM), EMSCULPT revolutionized body shaping by strengthening muscles and affecting fat.

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What we can tell you is that, on average, people lose 1.5 inches from their waist. Extrapolating the generalization that “every inch you can pinch is five pounds of fat,” it is reasonable to assume that if you targeted your abdomen, you could expect 7.5 pounds of fat lost and a small amount of muscle gained.
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How it Work

The technology offers seven different waveforms, for varied desired results which allow a targeted approach to muscle toning and body shaping while also being used as an accelerator to other body-contouring treatments. Using High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) technology to engage the muscle, the electromagnetic field polarises and depolarises, creating motor neurone pulses in 100% of the muscle fibre, significantly more than what would be possible in conventional exercise. The HIFEM technology repeatedly contracts the muscles throughout the treatment, forcing the muscle tissue to adapt, resulting in muscle building and fat burning. This is not to be confused with older technology like direct current muscle stimulation.

Electro-magnetic fields trigger the biological effect of exercise in a non-invasive, painless manner. Electro-magnetic fields are used to contract and stimulate muscle energy production. This engages the Mitochondria, encouraging the muscle to adapt to this increase in energy. The intense muscle contractions stimulate muscle hypertrophy, creating new protein strands and muscle fibres, resulting in increased muscle density and volume. Myokines are signalling molecules, released by muscle fibres during contractions that reinforce the effects of the Mitochondria and muscle adaptation, aiding with fat and calorie burning, metabolic rate improvement and reducing overall body inflammation. The overall result following a course treatments is an increase in muscle volume and density and reduced fat percentage in the target area due to an improved metabolic rate. The procedure can also be used for Diastasis Recti to help close muscle separation.

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