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Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing)

Cryolipolysis, commonly referred to as fat freezing, is a nonsurgical fat reduction procedure that uses cold temperature to reduce fat deposits in certain areas of the body. The procedure is designed to reduce localized fat deposits or bulges that do not respond to diet and exercise.

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The researchers found that cryolipolysis reduced the treated fat layer by as much as 25 percent. The results were still present six months after the treatment. Frozen, dead fat cells are excreted out of the body through the liver within several weeks of treatment, revealing full results of fat loss within three months.
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Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze Treatment


3D Cryofreeze is a unique non-invasive treatment using a combination of electro and cryo therapy. Using the 3D-cryofreeze handpiece, this creates vacuum which draws the fat into the handpiece. This localised area within the handpiece is then frozen, causing 20%-40% of the fat cells in that area to die.

How It Works?

3D Cryofreeze targets specifically the fat cells. By lowering the temperature to -10 degrees it pinpoints the content of the fat cells, causing them to crystalise. No other structures are affected by this process. The remaining content of the fat cells is then disposed of naturally through the body’s lymphatic system.
Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) chin
Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) back
Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) at back
Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) treatment
Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) of hips
Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing)
Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) thighs
Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) legs
Cryolipolysis time

Procedure time

Up To 60 Minutes Per Treatment
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heart Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing)

Full Recovery

Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) injection


Cryolipolysis - bandage

Sensitivity Period

Up To 10 Days
Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing)

Visibile Results

After 6-8 Weeks*
Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing)

Risk & Complications

Possible Redness and Numbness
Cryolipolysis treatment

Duration Of Results

Long Term Results

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